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Update for Friday 22 May!

Hello Beautiful People,

We're so thrilled to get in touch with you today to let you know that Phase 2.0 is still developing beautifully.

We are very close to being finished now and are settling in for a great Friday & weekend to get this show on the road! We expect AscendoSphere 2.0, the revamped Rising Way e-Magazine, and The Rising Store, to be online by Sunday night / monday morning, depending on where you are located on this beautiful planet that we all share. Phase 2.0 will be *very* different from the AscendoSphere that we've all come to know and love; it'll be quite the multi-media driven experience, making it much easier for you to connect to our material.

We will have a list of all our upcoming webinars & seminars for 2015 online by that time as well... You can imagine the excitement here!! It's through the roof (because the ceiling cannot hold us, as one of Orchid's favourite songs goes!!).

On top of it all, this weekend we'll be recording & live streaming a new Ascension Hangout, based on a "teaser" message by Imzaia that came out late last night, where will we go deeper into their short message, while we will also discuss more details with regards to upcoming event, here in the Algarve (Portugal) where the New Lemuria is Rising!!

We can already tell you the name of the seminar now: NEW EARTH REALITY MECHANICS. We're super happy! As Gaia and Kwan Yin have been sharing over the last months during our Hangouts and other recordings, things are changing on planet Earth as the Lemurian Flower of Life Grid geometry returns. This also means reality creation, manifestation, and, in general, reality mechanics, will work in a very different way than it did before. During this event, Imzaia, Kwan Yin, Lao Tze, Gaia, Adamus Saint-Germain, Ekara the Lemurian, Kuthumi lal Singh and others, will take you through what these changes imply and how to work with reality from the time of the August 888 portal onward. It is their hope that you will join us from all over Earth and that you will take this knowledge home with you to spread it in your own spaces, and to your own people, so an exponential benefit can be had.

A special page will be created on The Rising Store, where you will be able to find all necessary details with regards to this massive event, which will run from August 22 until 26 (short option) or 29 (long option). We have found the most amazing hotel / wellness centre here in the Algarve, in Lagos to be more specific, where the event will be held. We are very happy with this new partnership; they have locations all over the world and we'll doing events with them everywhere!

If you can't wait, and you're interested in joining us for this event in August, then get in touch with Orchid or Amber via email, at, so they can give you more information, or even to take advantage of our current Early Bird discount (20 percent off!!) and book! It gets busy in the Algarve in Summer and you'll want to get your arrangements in order in May or June, just to be on the safe side. Of course, we will help you getting it all done as soon as our sites are reopened after the weekend.

In case you have not read Imzaia's first message about the upcoming portal in August yet, which we released a while ago, you can find it on this page of The Rising Way magazine.

Also, here is a link to a playlist of all of our previous Ascension Hangouts, where Kwan Yin, Lotus, Orchid & Gaia (channeled by Kwan Yin) go deeply into all of these Earth changes. They are well worth checking out, so that you are in the loop of all that we, as a species and a planet, are now smack right in the middle of!

Last but not least, as we said earlier, Imzaia released a special "teaser" message yesterday (which we will follow up this weekend with an Ascension Hangout filled with in depth details, as well as a full one-hour message by Imzaia) and you can watch the teaser message by clicking this image:

In this brief, introductory message by Imzaia - meant as a "teaser" of sorts to the ascension tuition that will be coming out next, we are treated to a short but powerful and empowering overview of the next phase of Gaia's evolutionary process, and humanity's place within that.

Imzaia is the unified field of consciousness that gives a collective voice to "all that has ascended, all that is ascending, and all that will ascend." Also, "Imzaia" is the Lemurian word for "Love".

The Rising Way / AscendoSphere is "an open source metaphysical university for the aquarian age" designed to be an answer to the closed-down nature of the Old Age Mystery Schools. All serious ascension students, be they seekers, initiates or ascendees, are welcome. The organisation is guided by Ascended Life, among which are Lao Tze, Kwan Yin, Ekara, Kuthumi lal Singh, Adamus Saint-Germain and many others.

Okay, that's it for now, we are going to dive in and continue work on our sites and on our ascension project in general!

Thanks a million for being with us, you are in our hearts, and talk again soon!

Love always,

The Rising Way & AscendoSphere teams

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"And so it expands...

Speaking to you from the heart of ascended life, reaching out through the heart of all things, connecting via the cosmic highways known as the sun in your chest, the suns of your multiverse, and pulsing through every particle of existence, we are Imzaia.

Like you, our essence knows no form, no time, no space. Like you, we know no exchange, death or separation. We are One, like you are One. We are Imzaia, the unified field of all that has ascended, is ascending and will ascend.

We move into this realm to offer the opportunity for those who seek, to speak to one's entity squared, one's ascended beingness, here, in Merkava space. Later in the day, we will diversify and bring forth the first seeker known as Ekara, the Lemurian, the Teacher, the Communicator, the First Sun; and in moments beyond, others still.

Now, who would like to speak first? Come forward, so your ascended self may look You in the I, through us, and step into ekaraia with us.

Infinity awaits.
Let the conversation begin..."

It's almost time for Imzaia's first talk.
This week it will all begin.
Where will you be when it happens?

AscendoSphere 2.0, coming soon.

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Hi Beautiful People!

We are still going full steam ahead with The Rising Store, The Rising Way e-Mag, and The AscendoSphere!

At this point, behind the scenes, the AscendoSphere and our e-Mag is ready for launch, and we are working out some glitches with The Rising Store's payment gateways!

Once this is handled, along with a few minor details, we are ready to rock!

Imzaia, as well as Ekara, Kwan Yin, Lao Tze (and all of Ascended Life for that matter) are on the edge of their seats and super excited now that we are crossing the t's and dotting the i's! You will be amazed and as thrilled as we are with some of the things they (and we) have ready for you!

Hold on for just a little while longer... because as soon as we launch, there's no turning back!

You'll receive an email the minute we are open.

Thank you for all your support!


The Rising Way / AscendoSphere teams

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